ELS Symposium 2014-4: Keynote Address: Josette Lewis

Keynote: Josette Lewis, Associate Director UC Davis World Food Center 1:10-2:00PM The World Food Center aims to generate transformative knowledge and practical solutions to feed and nourish people locally and globally for decades to come, utilizing UC Davis’ role as the preeminent institution connecting visionary research and teaching with innovators, philanthropists, industry, and public and social leaders. Before joining the World Food Center, Lewis began her career as diplomacy fellow for the U.S. Agency for International Development, where she went on to become a regional research coordinator and senior biotechnology adviser. She also served as Director of the Office of Agriculture and spent time in the private sector as Director of Agricultural Development at Arcadia Biosciences. In recognition of her work, Lewis has received Superior Honor Awards from USAID and the State Department.