ELS Symposium 2018: Panel 1 "The Urban Environment: Protecting Public & Environmental Health in the Era of Climate Change"

PANEL 1 – Presented by the Environmental Law Society "The Urban Environment: Protecting Public & Environmental Health in the Era of Climate Change" Population growth, urbanization, and sprawl, have transformed the modern landscape of land use, while increasing demand for natural resources and adversely affecting local communities. As climate change exacerbates these issues, decision makers must implement innovative ways to protect public and environmental health. This panel will explore the disproportionate impacts on pulmonary health stemming from rising airborne pollutants and intensifying climate patterns. Panelists will discuss recent scientific findings on such impacts, along with regulatory developments, evolving policies, and viable solutions for future generations to employ. Veronica Eady, Assistant Executive Officer of Environmental Justice, California Air Resources Board Julian Leichty, Special Assistant for Programs and Legislation, Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment Bill Magavern, Policy Director, Coalition for Clean Air Dr. Kent E. Pinkerton, Professor of Pediatrics and Faculty Researcher, UC Davis Air Quality Research Center Moderators: Bridget McDonald & Coral Walker, UC Davis School of Law (‘19) 2018 ENVIRONMENTAL LAW SYMPOSIUM | March 9, 2018 | UC Davis School of Law "Humans & Their Environment: Protecting Our Planet and Its Inhabitants" The 2018 UC Davis Environmental Law Symposium will explore the growing intersection between humans and the world around them, and how the lines between the anthropocene and natural world become increasingly blurred. This event will examine the inherent challenges in ensuring equitable access to environmental resources and the undue burdens many communities face. In bringing together legal and policy authorities from the government, nonprofit, academia, community, and private sectors, the event will discuss the evolution and current state of environmental justice law and policy in California, along with solutions for the future. The day-long event will feature panels addressing: the disproportionate public health effects of climate change; the tragic impact of the 2017 wildfires on Northern California communities; the dichotomy between industry and community interests in the Central Valley; and the efforts dedicated to tribal sovereignty and Native American land restoration. Within this range of topics, panelists will discuss regulatory responses and enforcement actions, private litigation, academic and scientific discourse, and the activist movements that have shaped today’s environmental equality landscape.