Environmental Law Society Symposium 2016 pt.2 -- Panel 1: Planning for California's Future Coastline

Panel 1: Planning for California's Future Coastline With sea levels projected to rise up to five and a half feet along California by the end of this century, coastal communities are grappling with the physical and legal challenges accompanying coastal erosion and rising tides. This panel will discuss the impact of the public trust doctrine and takings law on properties facing shifting coastlines. It will also delve into the legal (permitting, enforcement) implications of the 2015 California Coastal Commission's Sea Level Rise Policy Guidance document, such as are playing out in Lynch v. Cal. Coastal Comm'n. The panelists will also discuss legal, scientific, and economic considerations coastal management authorities are considering in their planning efforts in order to be compliant with the Coastal Act and meet shifting conditions at the coast. Panelists: Megan Herzog, Emmett/Frankel Fellow in Environmental Law and Policy, UCLA School of Law Kelsey Ducklow, Climate Change Analyst, California Coastal Commission Sarah Newkirk, Attorney and Coastal Program Director, The Nature Conservancy Dr. Phil King, Economics Department, San Francisco State University Moderator: Victoria Bogdan Tejeda, UC Davis School of Law (‘17)