ELS Symposium 2015-2 Panel One: Nontraditional Uses of CEQA

Panel One - Nontraditional Uses of CEQA Over time, it has become a trend for CEQA to be used for many purposes other than just protecting the environment as it was originally designed to do. Some of these purposes include bringing suit under CEQA to actually prevent environmentally progressive projects. Other purposes include goals unrelated to the environment, such as trying to prevent development to limit business competition. These two alternative uses of CEQA overlap in some instances, such as the recent Google Bus litigation, in which petitioners seek to halt a project that arguably has a positive environmental impact for reasons unrelated to the environment. Our environmental law experts will analyze the impact and ramifications of CEQA being used for purposes other than those it was intended for. These leading attorneys will share their perspectives on what we might expect to occur on this issue going forward: Will these types of uses continue to expand? Will modifications be put in place to limit these types of uses? Ellen Peter, Chief Counsel, California Air Resources Board Jennifer Hernandez, Holland & Knight Osha Meserve, Soluri Meserve Moderator: Kelly Obranowicz, King Hall ‘15