The Future of California Climate Law & Policy: View to 2030 -- The ELS Symposium 2017 -- 2: Panel 1 - Implementing California’s Bold New Climate Legislation

The Future of California Climate Law & Policy: View to 2030 The ELS Symposium 2017 The 2017 UC Davis Environmental Law Symposium explores California’s role as a prominent national and international climate leader by bringing together legal and policy authorities from government agencies, academia, business, industry, nonprofit organizations, private practice, and communities. The day-long event features panels addressing the challenges and opportunities associated with California’s bold new climate legislation; the relationship between climate change, agriculture, and water scarcity; strategies to promote zero emission vehicles and alternative transportation systems; and the future of our state’s distinctive climate change “foreign policy.” As part of the discussion each panel addresses the potential impacts of President Trump’s political agenda on California climate law and policy. Panel 1: Implementing California’s Bold New Climate Legislation In 2016, the California Legislature adopted SB 32, which directs the state to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to forty percent below 1990 levels by 2030. To meet this mandate, California must rapidly reduce greenhouse gas emissions in all sectors. Panelists will discuss SB 32’s mandate and strategies to implement the law, including the California Air Resources Board’s draft SB 32 scoping plan. Lawyers in attendance will learn how the state can use SB 32 as a tool to improve life in disadvantaged communities, and how the legal community can work with state business leaders to support entrepreneurial efforts to combat climate change. Jeffery Greenblatt, Staff Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Gabriel Monroe, Counsel, California Air Resources Board Nancy Pfund, Founder and Managing Partner, DBL Partners Alvaro Sanchez, Environmental Equity Director, Greenlining Institute MODERATOR: Sophie Wenzlau, UC Davis School of Law (’17)