BLJ Symposium 2017: Entrepreneurship and the Law -- Panel Three: Fostering Entrepreneurship and Legal Access

Panel 3: Fostering Entrepreneurship and Legal Access Panelists will explore entrepreneurial endeavors that have successfully innovated the way startups access, interact with, and resolve legal, business, and financial issues. How do you create an environment for fostering entrepreneurship in today’s saturated landscape? How have our panelists disrupted the startup world? Panelists: Alina Ball (Associate Professor and Founding Director, Social Enterprise & Economic Empowerment Clinic, UC Hastings College of the Law) Laura Norris (Assistant Clinical Professor and Director, Entrepreneurs' Law Clinic, Santa Clara Law) Ralph Pais (Partner and Founding Director, FLEXbyFenwick, Fenwick & West LLP) Dushyant Pathak (InnovationAccess Executive Leadership, Associate Vice Chancellor for Technology Management & Corporate Relations at UC Davis Office of Research,)